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New Dawn PAC is here to disrupt the rigged system & maintain the GOP majority!

There is no debate that the people in power have rigged the system to keep themselves in power at the expense of the average American. The evidence is everywhere, from blatant corruption like pay-to-play schemes to more subtle backroom deals between our nation’s leaders and the special interests.

As Americans, we have the right and the power to stand up to the politicians and special interests whose only objective is to keep themselves in power. We have the obligation to disrupt the rigged system and fight for a return to American exceptionalism.

Together, we can do it. Your support right now is the first step toward disrupting the rigged system and returning to American exceptionalism by promoting a vision of inclusion and accountability, law and order, and principled and impassioned leadership that puts the people of our great nation ahead of our politicians and special interests.

New Dawn PAC’s mission is simple. We are here to:

Disrupt the Rigged System

New Dawn PAC will support candidates who put the American People ahead of themselves and special interests.

Bring a Return to American Exceptionalism

In addition to challenging the status quo in Washington, we will bring a return to American Exceptionalism by promoting an inclusive path forward for the Republican Party that puts the focus back on the American people.






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New Dawn PAC is committed to disrupting the rigged system. We support Republican and Independent candidates who share our vision and passion on the following issues:

Electoral Accountability

If the system is rigged, nothing else matters. But, believe it or not, there are a lot of good people who run for office and want to do the right thing when they get to Washington. However, once they are in the system, they become consumed by it and many of them become part of the very problem they intended to fight. We will support those true patriots who never give up their fight against the rigged system.

We work tirelessly to identify like minded people running for office and keep them on track once elected. New Dawn PAC will also go the next step to hold candidates' feet to fire if they break their promises.

A Secure Defense

Security through strength isn't an outdated notion; but it doesn't mean being a bully either. America deserves the strongest domestic defense possible to ensure our nation's long-term survival. That requires secure borders and an enhanced, legal immigration process.

Champion Personal Liberty

We firmly believe your rights as American citizens, should not be infringed and beyond that you should be free to live your life however you see fit so long as your actions don't infringe on the personal liberties of another person. These are Republican ideals that have gotten lost in recent iterations of the party platform. We will fight to correct that and support candidates that will join us.

Fiscal Responsibility

The rigged system has led to a government driven by the special interests who ask politicians to spend more and more and many of them oblige because the special interests help keep them in power. It’s pretty simple. When we help elect a new breed of politicians who put the American people before themselves and the special interests, we will have a Congress that is fiscally responsible and doesn’t spend more money than our government brings in.

Smart Trade is Fair

“Free Trade” vs “Isolationism.” Those are the lines drawn by the rigged system. We believe you can have Free Trade while also negotiating smart trade deals that put the American people first. All too often, Congress cuts trade deals that benefit the special interests and big corporations with no regard for the impact the deals will have on the average American. It is great that we can have deals with other countries to open new markets to sell our goods and services, however, those deals must be structured to maintain a level playing field and protect American jobs!

Embrace Technologies

Infusing technology into our political system is the quickest way to ensure that we all know what’s going on and can hold elected officials accountable for their actions or inaction. Because of this we support candidates who embrace a transparent dissemination of information online.






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